My Apple Developer Academy Adventure — Part I

Before ADA

Everything started during my ERASMUS programme in Japan, where, while enjoying japanese culture and eating great food like okonomiyaki, sushi, curry, ramen, and fluffy pancakes, I was thinking about what to do once I would have gone back home in Italy..

I had to finish my Computer Engineering Master’s degree exams, of course, but after one year abroad in an international environment I felt the need to do something more.

The Apple Developer Academy was the best occasion to combine my passion for developing and being part of an international environment.

First Days at ADA

So I decided to apply, and I was lucky enough because I did the IOs Foundation Program so I didn’t have to fly half world to go back to Italy to take the test, I just had to do the interview!

Finally the results are out, and I get ready to join all my future colleagues for the end of September.

Already from the first days of Academy we understood it wasn’t like anything we had experienced before, no Classes, no marks and, especially, no bad competition between all students.

It was everything I was looking for to take a break from the university style of teaching.

During the first days, we had the chance to get know each other and learned many things about collaboration, through games, challenges and workshops (How to forget the Spagetti Tower and the Flashlight workshop?)

As the days passed, we studied more code, design and even business, but always in a fun way and always bonding more with the other students so it would become easier to collaborate when the bigger challenges would start, let’s be honest here, the real core of the academy are us, the students that are passioned about technology as well as human relationshps .

Mentors and My Journey

Mentors are another fundamental part of the Academy, they organised all the activities, the Challenges, some workshops and inspirational talks.

They also provide guidance, basically.. for anything! Design, code, business and much, much more.

We were also asigned a personal mentor shared with other 6/7 people. We had many meetings with our personal mentor to talk and share about possible problems in the Academy, to check the status of our challenges and especially to remind us to work on MyJourney.

MyJourny is basically a diary of what we did in academy, useful to also keep track of our improvements over time, unfortunately it only works within the Academy Network so during the quarantine it couldn't be used.

Example of MyJourney Page.

Reflection has always been an important word in the Academy, Reflecting helped us become more aware of and more responsible for our own learning process.

There is still so much to talk about my experience at the Apple developer Academy, so tune in again to read the second part soon!

APPLE Develope Academy Student, love travelling, love learning, love languages (Ita, Eng, Spa, Jap)

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