Why fully-connected Neural Networks are not enough


In the previous article, what I did was building an image recognition model by feeding raw pixels into the neural network. With an accuracy of 97.6% the digit recognizer does work really well on simple images where the number is right in the middle of the image, but the recognizer fails to work when the number isn’t perfectly centered in the image.

Image Recognition Challenges

Just the slightest position change ruins everything. In other words, the model learnt to recognize a centered number and not the features that make up what a number is.

That’s where Convolutions are very powerful. A convolution is…

A Simple Neural Network for image classification


In the previous article, I showed how to create the simplest Neural Network Possible, with just 1 input node, 1 hidden node and 1 output node, in this case the Neural Network will be slightly more complex and will be used for image classification.

Image Classification

Image recognition is the ability to detect objects in the image and recognize or classify them into one of several classes.

Since we are born, we are trained with thousands of images every day without even realizing it, for this reason, for us it’s easy to distinguish a dog from a cat or any other animal…


In this article I’ll explain what a Neural Network is, and how to implement it using the TensorFlow library through Google Colab.

What you need to know

In order to be able to understand this article it would be better if you have some knowledge in Python (Numpy library) and in machine learning.

Machine Learning

Machine Learninng is the field of study that gives computers ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed.

In other words, this branch of artificial intelligence uses data to answer questions. While in the past we have manually analyzed data, generated by people, computers, phones and other devices…

Before ADA

Everything started during my ERASMUS programme in Japan, where, while enjoying japanese culture and eating great food like okonomiyaki, sushi, curry, ramen, and fluffy pancakes, I was thinking about what to do once I would have gone back home in Italy..

NCX - Game Design Path

The choice was really simple to make, I have always played video games, and I always wanted to try to make one, but never had the chance.
So when I started this new challenge I had a clear goal in mind: make a game from scratch.
Given the strange circumstances in which we were working for the challenge I decided to do a solo challenge, because remote work with other people has been difficult in the previous challenge. …

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